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The most consistent and reliable entry level drum kit in the market with a whole heap of new and upgraded features, Tornado 2 sets the standard others can only dream of. FEATURES Upgraded 8 Lug Bass Drum and Snare Drum Upgraded 6 Lug Toms Remo drumhead New Series Bass Drum Pedal & Hi-hat stand New Telescopic Bass Drum Spurs New Lug and Badge design Included 20 x 16 Bass Drum 10 x 8 Tom 12 x 9 Tom 14 x 14 Floor Tom 14 x 5 Snare Drum Cymbals Included 14? Hi Hat Cymbal Pair 16? Crash/Ride Cymbal Hardware Included x2 Tom holders Cymbal stand Snare stand Hi Hat Stand Drum Throne Bass Drum Pedal