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MX212A Angled Vertical 2x12" Cabinet — Black


Functions as a complement to the DSLR Series DSL20HR head.

Great value and fantastic quality - what's not to love about these 2x12's? They pair well with most Marshall heads or can be used as an extension cabinet for a combo. They are fitted with two Celestion Seventy 80 speakers that definitely pack a punch.

This cabinet's angled form is perfect for projecting sound or use on tight stages. The Celestion speakers pack enough power to deliver that iconic Marshall rock tone.

Superb speakers - these speakers add a tight low-end and a punchy mid-range to your sound. With excellent power handling, this cabinet is begging you to crank up that gain.


• Model: MX212AR
• Inputs: 1
• Speaker configuration: 2x12"
• Speaker model: Celestion Seventy-80 (80w, 16 ohms)
• Power handling: 160w
• Unit impedance: 8 ohms
• Width: 530 mm / 20.9"
• Depth: 310 mm / 12.2"
• Height: 750 mm / 29.5"

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Awesome music shop! Very clean, not crowded. Lots of guitars for everyone's musical taste. The staff is super nice, and very informative. I can't say enough good things about Picker's Alley! Thank you so much for serving Southwestern Ontario with such awesome service!!

Pat P

Great music store. Messaged them about a sale item and they put the last one aside for me until I could get there to purchase.

Tim Clements

Tony is by far the best customer service rep around, He knows his stuff, and is always willing to go above and beyond, I only go to pickers alley, for all my musical needs!!

Ryan Mathews

Excellent service, in one word they know what they are doing just tell them your requirement and budget. Don't worry about price if you see it online it's the same price here in offline too. Best thing is the owner's humour and focus on your requirement more than the sales of the store.

Very very happy and satisfied and will be back for additional requirements.

Adhish Prasai

What a great selection of guitars and amps. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. If they don't have what you need chances are they can source it for you. Prices are as competitive as big box music stores so there is no need to look elsewhere. I will continue to support local when I can.

Rob storch