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Expand your flexibility

Want to recall a preset of your favourite settings on your Brigadier, CompadreDeco, DIG, El CapistanFlintIridiumLex, or Riverside? Or remotely tap tempos for your BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint, MobiusTimeLine, or Volante? Or engage the Boost or favourite on your Riverside? Add our tiny MiniSwitch and connect to your Strymon pedal with the included 1/4″ TRS cable.

Tap Tempos

With MiniSwitch, you can place your pedal anywhere on your board and tap in your tempos remotely. Perfect for large rigs or boards with pedals fighting for real estate. Compatible with: BigSkyDecoDIGFlintMobiusTimeLine, and Volante.

Recall a Favourite

With MiniSwitch, recalling your favourite setting is a snap. Select between your favourite setting and the current knob states of your pedal. It’s like having two pedals ready to choose from.

Compatible with: Brigadier, Compadre, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Iridium, Lex, and Riverside

Boost Your Signal

Use MiniSwitch to engage the Boost feature within our Riverside Multistage Drive pedal. Boost your overall output signal by up to +6dB when you need to jump up in the mix.

Compatible with: Riverside.