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TAMA Superstar Hyper Drive Maple 6-Piece Kit ML62HZBN - Classic Cherry Wine

'Hyper-Drive' refers to the toms, which are a bit shallower than your average toms, allowing for more punch, better attack and a great response. They are fitted with Tama's Precision Bearing Edges, which make sure that the shells can resonate freely and have an open sound. The Sound Bridge High-Tension Lugs and the Star-Cast Mounting System also help to achieve optimal tom resonance, as they make minimal contact with the shells. Furthermore, the bass drum is equipped with sturdy claw hooks that have a rubber lining, which protects the wooden bass drum hoop and ensures that your bass drum stays in tune for much longer. All shells are fitted with Tama's Power Craft II drumheads for a fantastic sound.

Crisp attack, clear highs

The set comes with high quality black nickel-plated shell hardware. The die-cast hoops make tuning your drum set a lot easier, ensure your tuning stays consistent and provide a nice and crisp attack and clear highs. Powerful rimshots guaranteed!

*Cymbals and hardware sold separately


• Hyper Drive toms
• Aluminum Star-Cast mounting system
• Bass drum with wood hoops
• Bass drum cast claws
• Wood snare with MCS70 throw off
• Sound Bridge Hi-Tension lugs with rubber padding
• Power Craft II heads
• Finish: lacquered, Classic Cherry Wine #CCW