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At Pickers Alley, strings come to life and melodies find their home. Our curated selection of guitars offers a symphony of choices. From timeless acoustic guitars that offer rich tones and quality craftsmanship to stunning electric guitars that offer performance-worthy playability. At our guitar store we offer a diverse range of instruments to cater to every musician’s style. Whether you’re a seasoned guitar player or a budding musician, we’re confident you’ll be able to find an instrument that strikes the perfect chord.

The Timeless Sound of Acoustic Guitars

Step into melody mastery where tradition meets innovation with acoustic guitars from Taylor and Martin. Taylor guitars are celebrated for their contemporary design and unparalleled playability, delivering a rich and balanced tone that resonates across musical genres. Meanwhile, with a legacy spanning over a century, Martin guitars captivate musicians with their warm and resonant sound. Explore the craftsmanship and artistry that make Taylor and Martin acoustic guitars stand out as timeless instruments of choice.

Electric Guitars that Deliver Electrifying Sounds

For those craving the electrifying world of riffs and shredding, electric guitars from Charvel and Jackson guitars take center stage. Charvel guitars are synonymous with sleek design and exceptional playability, capturing the hearts of rock enthusiasts. On the other hand, Jackson guitars cater to the demands of metal and hard rock players with aggressive tones and ergonomic designs. Dive into the realm of electric guitar excellence as we explore what sets Charvel and Jackson apart, making them go-to choices for discerning musicians.

At Pickers Alley, we’re not just a local guitar store, we’re an online destination offering a curated selection of premium instruments. With years of hands-on experience, we’re happy to help you find your perfect match! Shop our selection online today and discover a world where quality and passion collide.