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Mod Series Delay

The MOD Series is a fusion of classic pedal design with the extraordinary world of modular synthesis. This series isn't just an evolution in audio processing-it's a complete re imagining of what a pedal can be.

With every MOD Series pedal - your performance becomes part of the sound effect.
Your touch, your playing dynamics, and your note choice shape the tones and textures that respond to your performance and evolve in real-time. Here, the act of sound design is woven into the very fabric of your musical expression, inviting you to a journey of continuous discovery and wonder.

Modulation is a change of something to achieve an effect or express an emotion. Changes in effects are often achieved by the use of presets, expression pedals, and MIDI control. While each of these methods has its own advantages; they can only take you so far. The MOD series offers a different way to orchestrate the effects by focusing on playing your instrument.

Each pedal has two modulation sources that you control with your performance. The DYNAMICS follows the volume nuances of your playing. It captures the character of your picking style and your instrument's loudness and decay. The PITCH tracker, on the other hand, detects note choices, bends, and vibratos. You wield the power to route these modulations to any of the four effect knobs and set the parameters in motion.

Customize the modulation with the DYNAMICS and PITCH knobs along with dedicated mode switches. Adjust the DYNAMICS decay time, introduce glide to PITCH tracking, and tailor the response curves to suit your playing style and the desired effect.

Each of the primary effect knobs is paired with a corresponding smaller modulation amount knob, also known as an attenuverter. This allows you to precisely dial in the modulation amount and the direction for each effect knob independently. Imagine the dynamic possibilities a loud strum on a guitar can turn one knob clockwise significantly, while only slightly nudging another knob in the opposite direction. Explore the subtleties, from gentle parameter shifts to sweeping, full-parameter transformations.

You can play a note to set it as the center pitch by holding both footswitches. For instance, choosing A3 as the center pitch means that the PITCH modulation will activate only when surpassing A3. DYNAMICS features an adjustable volume threshold modulation occurs only with notes louder than the set threshold. You can personalize your modulation experience with simplicity and precision.

Examples of Mod Delay
Ducking delay. Create your ducking delay by controlling the WET/DRY MIX with DYNAMICS.

Delay send on high notes only. Add delay tails to notes above a certain note, by routing the PITCH to INPUT LEVEL and setting the desired center pitch. As you move down the neck, the higher notes will ring out, but the lower notes will not be sent through the delay.

Play notes with self-oscillating feedback. Set the FEEDBACK into self-oscillation and route the PITCH to DELAY TIME. Make the delay follow your notes.

Squished feedback. Set the FEEDBACK so that it slowly goes into self-oscillation and route the DYNAMICS to the FEEDBACK knob. Inverse the modulation with the MODULATION AMOUNT KNOB. Playing softly will allow the delay to feedback, whereas loud notes will momentarily decrease the effect.


• 3 delay algorithms: TAPE, ANALOG and DIGITAL
• 4 streamlined controls: LEVEL, TIME, FEEDBACK, TONE
• 3 PING PONG panning settings: 0%, 50%, 100%
• MIDI or analog clock synchronization
• Tap tempo accessible via long press of the ON footswitch


- Stereo and mono signal processing. Stereo routing is possible both using regular TS mono cables or TRS stereo cables
- Switchable input level: INSTRUMENT, LINE or EURORACK
- Switchable LEVEL knob functionality: INPUT LEVEL + DRY SOUND, INPUT LEVEL + KILLDRY or DRY/WET MIX
- TRACK input for routing an auxiliary signal for controlling the modulation
- TRACK output for passing the TRACK input further or for dry signal output
- MIDI/CLK input for MIDI clock or analog trigger sync for time base effects
- 9V DC center negative power inlet, power supply of at least 250 mA is required
- USB-C input for MIDI and future updates
- 4 Patch Cables included in the package
- Pedal Weight: 450 g (1 lbs)
- Pedal Dimensions: 15.2 x 10.2 x 7.5 cm (6 x 4 x 3")



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